The Making Of 'THE RUN'

by Ulrik Bruchholz


Six months of working for KAMPFANSAGE are lying behind me, a couple of month are still ahead and my own website seems to be dead. That is why I had the idea to do some shortfilm in my freetime.

But what should I do ? Till now ever flatCOIN movie was free of any real content (story) or packed with so much story that nobody get the sense of it. In the last couple of months parkour was my new passion, that is why I was sure that I just had to use some parkour in it. Mikey a good friend of mine is an excellent stuntman for bodystunt like hong kong style falls etc and he wanted to be in one of my shortfilms and withthat I already had a story: Two dudes are running around somewhere and when they are not running they fight. That's all.

With that I had my team: Mikey as main-actor, fighter and fightchoreographer and I as director, cameraman and parkour dude, who fights as well and give some ideas for the fights. Beside that I hoped that Tilman would join the project. In The past he was part of most projects I did, but that changed because he had a lot of otherstuff to do. Luckily he had time for two days and that is how he became the main cameraman.

Before Tilman and Miky joined the project Ete was already part of it. He thought about some story which we wanted to do. His original idea includede some walker who had a magic amulett ( Ete himself ). IT was based in themiddle age. This guy walked in the woods and was attacked by some robber (Mikey). To protect himself he used his amulett with its magic power. The magic power "beams" some arabic warrior from somewhere to the woods. The arabic warrior fights the robber .. .. I earsed this idea.

Making Of The Run

To keep something from Ete's idea I used the same characters: the walker whos is a attack by some crazy maniac. He hits the manic with some power punch, the maniac goes ko and stays ko for about 1000 years. He wakes up in some fictionary future, where only some arabic looking guys are walking around, on their search for something to eat. The maniac from the past doesn't care for his timetravel, he only wants to chase someone. He chases the next best arabic warrior. A fight about life and death begins.


With that the pre-production was done and we were ready to shot. Mikey travelled to Berlin for three days and Ete and Tilman are living in Berlin. You may thinl that a 4 men crew is by far not enough, I think it is already too much, because Ete was standing around most of the time doing nothing and if it was not Ete who was doing nothing than it was someone else.

We shot the movie on the run .. no idea how I should call it. What I mean is that I thought about all of the cameraangles on set and we changed the locations with each scene to get a more expensive look, but in the end all locations were in a radious of 10min walking. The fights were choreographed on location too.

At the end of the day Mikey and I watched all the stuff we shot. If we found some part were we didn't used enough cameraangles or something didn't work we made a note and reshot it the next day. On the third day Tilman had no time to do the camerawork, that is why I did it and Mikey and Ete were fighting in front of the camera.

Three days of shooting were over and a almost endless post-production time was about to begin.


My first idea for the time-jump was something in the style of "The Time Machine"; Trees are growing and dying, new trees are growing, the first builds are build, destroyed and rebuild, cities are growing, some atomic explosion, which destroys everything .. Funny idea for someone who has almost no experience with 3d programms and that is why it was almost impossible to do, I tried it anyway and I accepted that I am not good enough after two weeks of trying.

Making Of The Run

But the knowlegde I got within those two weeks was good enough to place one additional building into some shots. After about six weeks I already had a whole digital street. After that I couldn't stop doing more and more digital shots. That is why in the end there is not one shot which isn't manipulated in some way.

Making Of The Run

I started with the scenes in the woods. A simple color correction wasn't enough anymore. I masked every person to give it its own brigthness, I changed the brightness, contrast and color of the trees too. The advance of this was, that the woods would look different then in most of the independent movies which are placed in the woods. In every third shot I even changed the color of the face and I did not only do it in the introduction, but throughout the whole movie.

Making Of The Run

Every now and then Mikey called me and asked about the movie, Ete already gave it up, because he knew that I would never ever show something when its not finished, but no matter how many times they ask I was still far away from wrapping it up.

Making Of The Run Because I made it to place digital buildings into real shots I wanted to try to put some of Etes drawing into some scenes. The best place to do it was the "tower scene". But it didn't work out like I wanted it. By mistake I changed the colors that heavily that it looked like some horrormovie from the 1920s and I really liked it a lot, that is why I didn't fix this mistake.
For whatever reason in some minute when I was bored I put some blue "lights" left and right beside Mikey and me. Not in After Effects, but in some screenshot in Photoshop, but I was really amazed by the impact those lights had and that caused me another 3-4 days of additional work in After Effects.

Weeks later the movie was done, only the music was missing. For the very first time I decide to let someone I didn't know do the music. I searched for this composer at . Within hours I found the first guy that was interested, but after three weeks he stopped his work without delivering anything usefull. My next choice was one of the composers for Kampfansage - Alex Pfeffer - but he had no time either, because of Kampfansage. In the end the only person left to do it was myself again.

The first few notes were done with my acoustic guitar and are looped for two times. What follows is a track I did with eJay. Maybe not the best solution, but by far the fastest and most effective one. I needed three more days for the score.

In the time when I waited for score by the guy I found on I put some additional visual effects into the movie. E.g.: When I throw the stick at Mikey I replaced the real one with some digital stick which is a lot closer too Mikey.

As homage to the Roadrunner cartoons I put a little dustcloud behind Mikey and me for one wide shot and added the sound of some jet, the background was replaced with some digital mattepainting. The whole shot needed about a week to finish, because it was shot throw some window with glass in it and it was hard to track it. But I thought that I really had to replace the background, because I didn't want to have any location twice.

Making Of The Run

Somewhen in May 2004 I was done with the whole 4 min movie and I promised myself to never ever do visual effects again, but funny as it is I already did change my mind and working one something which will include a lot more visual effects than this one. Coming Soon: Gung Sang.