Madman's Resurrection

Herstellungsjahr: 2004
Sprache: English
Länge: 9:34 min

Regie: Fukuyoshi Ruwwe
Kamera: Hideyoshi Ruwwe, Michiko Ruwwe, Fukuyoshi Ruwwe, Philipp Wendt
Schnitt: Fukuyoshi Ruwwe und Hideyoshi Ruwwe
Kampfchoreografie: The Young Masters
Visual Effects: Fukuyoshi Ruwwe und Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Darsteller: Hideyoshi Ruwwe, Fukuyoshi Ruwwe


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Madman's Resurrection


Insgesamt 16 Stimmen

Super Martial-Arts Action. Echt tolle Moves dabei! Auch für einen Kurzfilm ein schöner Handlungsaufbau und tolle Kamara. Echt klasse geworden.

ViolentShit 11.07.2006 20:24

Krasse Kampfszene! Wie zu besten Jackie Chan Zeiten. Aber die Machart des Rests war mir persönlich viel zu langweilig. Ansonsten super.

Danie Darko 06.11.2005 12:07

A really great fight-scene, but the story does not suceed at all. Not very inventive and far too slow. And the mothers voice on the phone...come on guys you can´t be serious. ;-) But the fight scene is an absolutely great piece of HK-Style work.

Silverdude 24.10.2005 11:12

story is not very interesting, first 6 minutes of this little movie are really boring (long ago i`ve seen so much phone talk in a short movie....noo!!!) - but when location changes into forest and the fighting finally takes place, you will be rewarded! Real good hongkong-fighting with great kicks and punches - no weapons allowed!! yes, in the fight-scene "the young masters" lived up to their name!! watch it (but if you are in a hurry, kick first part of the film ;-)

Jan Cronauer 29.09.2005 01:07

The Movie is a great piece of work. The Story is quite okay, The Shots are in part really good, the Martial Arts are Great! The Actors are very talented, would be great to see more of that ( BTW: This is another proof for what Skills TaeKwonDo training can achieve :) )

major7 27.09.2005 13:27

This is amazing. Old school Hongkong-fighting from a bunch of very young german-japanese guys. You can see, that they have studied Jackie very well and are able to adapt his style in a unique way. The story is a little lame at the beginning, but it's okay. The "Youngmasters" have definetly reached a level, at which their name is no longer a false promise. Keep up the good work.

Johannes Jaeger 24.09.2005 17:13

Watch this! This is really a great pice of Martial-Arts-Movie-Making. High Quality camera works with far camera angels. This way of shooting reemphasizes the martial arts more than anything else. You can do this only, if your martial arts style is good enough - and the young master's one is good enough. More than that, to be honest. Amazing moves with gutsy combinations in a nice choreographie. What I like most - personally - is the high kick, which is grabbed by madmen and throws Mike back to the ground.

Movie-Making is great as well. Innovative story telling - yes, there is something like a story in this movie. Especially the atypical end for a martial arts film is shot very well

freakagamemnon 23.09.2005 07:39