Club Fight

Year: 2004
Language: Deutsch
Duration: 6:52 min

Director: Mike Möller
DOP: Yves Bendler, Mike Möller
Editing: Mike Möller
Choreography: Mike Möller und das Dao-Thei Karate Team Lobenstein

Cast: Mike Möller u.v.a.

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Club Fight


Total 16 Votes

Also ich fand diesen Film recht cool! Die Fights sind meiner Meinung nach recht gut choreographiert und haben einen sehr guten Unterhaltungswert. Mich stort einegentlich nur ein wenig die Musik von Rhapsody im Hintergrung. Nette Metalcore Mucke hätte etwas besser gepast. Ansonsten ein cooler kleiner Battle Movie.

ViolentShit 11.07.2006 19:48

Keine Story, dafür richtig coole Action. Zieht es euch rein!

Dragonpower 10.04.2006 20:36

Viel Action, aber nur ein paar Moves können ganz überzeugen. Vieles wirkt einfach recht unprofessionell. Trotzdem nette Idee.

Danie Darko 06.11.2005 12:09

Lots of martial arts in this clip! The filmmaking didn´t blew me away at all and the gags.... Well, they didn´t worked FOR ME. There are some really impressive highlights in the coreography, which is suprising considering that most of the basic moves look pretty weak. Nevertheless you can spend a good time wih "Club Fight".

Silverdude 26.08.2005 10:37

i like the idea, it somehow reminds me of \"rumble in the bronx\", although there seems to be no chain of events at all. The martial arts are in part quite good, in part rather dull.
movie-making is, well,...looks like the main intention was to record the fight scenes, and have no claims for quality in editing, but the funny elements make up for that. so, this is a really nice clip of work, considering that the efforts of recording, cutting and finalizing may not have exceeded 2-3 days...

major7 15.08.2005 12:16

I really like this little Fight Clip. Everything is motion and motion and motion, restless motion. Not the slightest hint of boredom comes up during watching this clip.

freakagamemnon 14.08.2005 15:18

Mike just rulez! I think this is a true piece of kungfu fan-work. He is always trying to add some comedy regardless how short the time or bad the actors are. The fighting has some highlights and the story has the right "who cares - asshole" attitude.

Johannes Jaeger 13.08.2005 22:25

some funny-martial-arts-gags are hidden in this amateur-movie-making-video (girl behind bar counts hits, fighter refresh by a magic-drink...) - and you will also see some nice moves and stunts, a punchfest up to 10 people! - but camera and edit still very nonprofessional; if on this positions will be nice work too, it could be a really tough short"beat-in-your-face"-movie - so it`s just amsusing amateur-fighting... BUT: Watch the movie - vote by yourself!

Jan Cronauer 10.08.2005 05:24

its pretty hard to rate this movie .. the movie making is nothing really special, its pure amateur stuff, the martial arts has some short highlights, but sometimes it looks even weak .. BUT ( !!! ) that is not what this movie is about. its pure fun and there is always something happening, the foreground and background is filled with fighting. I just love it and dont care for the rating, watch the movie !!!

Ulrik [flatCOIN] 31.07.2005 13:48